5 Best Holiday Design Tips For Your Website

Shopping malls and stores are known for setting up elaborate holiday decors and window displays. Is there a need for all this fanfare?

Adding holiday cheer to your business, regardless of its nature, is an excellent way to welcome shoppers, and entice them to pick up their wallets.

Established online shops, like Macy’s and Amazon, surely know how to make the most out of these seasonal occasions. They garb their website with a festive flair that gets clients into the spirit of holiday – always a perfect excuse to spend a little more. Effective holiday marketing strategies can even turn first-time seasonal customers into satisfied, loyal clients.

Make the most out of the holiday seasons by taking these suggestions for your holiday website design:

  1. Add cheerful holiday color

Greens and reds are the hallmark colors of the holidays. You can add seasonal background image like chestnuts, gingerbread house, Santa, Christmas tree or wreath.

Perhaps, you’ll notice some websites changing their color schemes to suit the holiday season; the Home Depot turns into red and green from grey and orange in time for the holidays. Some choose cool blue filter for a cohesive holiday theme.

When adding these traditional holiday images make sure to always consider your brand and think about what’s best suited for your customers and products. You can sparingly add traditional holiday buttons to highlight special details.

  1. A feel of winter

Images of winter are also a popular and effective holiday decorations. Snow angels, snow-capped mountains, snowflakes and ski accessories like those you can see at http://winterbadass.com/ all exude holiday spirit. Online retailers surely know how to use these winter images for their digital designs.

Winter-themed designs are effective for most products and businesses. And since it represents the season and not just the holiday, it transitions smoothly to the New Year.


  1. Add holiday graphics

Spread holiday cheers by adding holiday graphics. Highlight your special holiday sales by using season-appropriate graphics. Use illustrations for your banners and slideshows or patterns for your background. Image of the best ski goggles 2016 exudes holiday spirit.

You can also change your icons to give it a more thematic look. Consider giving your logo a temporary look to reflect the season. Again, put in mind your target audience and brand when making graphic changes.

  1. Use festive font

Decorative and festive fonts tie all the holiday details that you put into the website. Fonts always give a cohesive factor into your digital look. It creates a consistent, look and feel while maintaining your brand’s identity. There are lots of free and paid font designs that you can choose from.

  1. Holiday banners and gifs

Banners and gifs can give your website more Chistmas feeling. Moving images can always capture the attention of readers. They work well when placed alongside holiday sales or specials. Pick animations that will entice the readers to click. Some of the traditional holiday gifs include snowflakes, Santa and his reindeers, snowman, gingerbread-man. Again, don’t overdo on this design details as they can burden your website’s readability.

When it comes to holiday website design, the secret is not to be superfluous and flashy. Most of the time, simplicity is the key to winning the hearts of your audience.