5 Hottest Digital Design Trends You Should Try Next

Just like fashion trends, digital design styles, techniques and elements change quickly. What may be considered as hip last month won’t be hot this week. This makes it very important for digital artists and designers to always stay abreast with what’s new.

Although there are some design styles that always seem relevant, and you can get away repeating them in one or two projects, they aren’t as effective as the trending styles. And, quite obviously, clients are looking for designers who are effective at what they do.

I know how incorporating modern design trends can give life to a website. I’ve experienced it firsthand in one of my most challenging projects lately. It was a website for a digital piano company – plain, ordinary and unattractive. Just like many other typical websites, it had a depressing, gloomy feel. It features digital pianos like those at DigitalPianoJudge.com. While it’s easy to find design inspiration for this project, choosing one that best fits it not that easy. Good thing I wasn’t wrong with choosing the best trend! The client was very happy at the leash of new life to his website.

Here let me share with you five of the hottest digital design trends today.

  1. Minimalist and flat

You can see flat and minimalist websites dominating major website design awards. And judging by the reception of users, this simplistic yet strong design movement is here to stay. Aside from looking fresh and uncluttered, minimalism is compatible with other web trends such as responsive web design. These websites maximize the use of long shadows, simple typography, ghost buttons, and vibrant color schemes. Be sure to consider it as a design theme for your future projects.

  1. Geometry

Make your next design project effective by using trending geometric shapes. Layered geometries look very modern and are perfect for designing websites. For the digital piano website I worked on, I’ve found geo-themed designs, especially squares and cubes, perfect. The colorful shapes blended well with images of the popular digital pianos.

  1. Bold, dramatic typography

Typography is a major part of digital design. For your next projects, make sure to use bold, attractive typography. Expect to see more playful sans-serif text fonts, letter stacking and bold statement. With the current higher resolution screens, there is a possibility for the Serif to make a comeback. Handwritten fonts and drop caps are also very trendy.

  1. Vintage

It may sound counter-intuitive but vintage and retro themes are currently a hot item in web design. You can try experimenting with pixel art, retro fonts, bright colors and vintage elements. But as with other design themes, make sure the retro style goes along well with your project’s overall theme.

  1. Vibrant, lively colors

With regards to color theme, we see vibrant, bright colors to be very relevant. You can try checking the daily trending sites featured in Awwwards.com. Some of the top sites have lively colors. Be sure to include neons, bright pastels, heavily saturated and richer colors in your design toolkit.

Final thoughts

Let me wrap this up with three important points. First, don’t just follow the design trends because they’re in. Second, be sure that the design suits the entire project. Lastly, make sure the design helps your website be more responsive and user-friendly.

There you have it, five of the hottest design trends today that will surely beef up your design arsenal!