5 Simple Hacks When You’re Suffering from Creative Block

It’s every artist’s dream to be more creative. Whether you’re into web design, architecture, interior design, visual arts or any other art forms, being innovative and creative are essential traits.

Unfortunately, there are times when you can’t seem to think of any design idea, no matter how hard you try – the dreaded creative block.

I’ve experienced this quite a number of times. I was in the middle of a website design project for a professional drummer when suddenly my train of thought got lost somewhere. The website was about his collection of the latest electric drums, like those found at BarkingDrum.com. I tried hard to get back to focus and concentrate but my attempts were futile. It took me a day before I got back to my usual working mode.

Having been used to this experience, I have come up with this simple hacks that I find helpful in managing creative block.

  1. Get off the computer.

We spend hours in front of the computer and confined in our workplace. When the block cripples your work, your brain tells you to get a break. Get off your working table, go out of your office, do some stretching and breathe.

  1. Tap on other design inspiration.

Appreciate the world and see how it overflows with design inspiration. You can also find other fresh design ideas from architecture, printed publications, billboards, clothing, photography and many others around you.

  1. Draw or scribble with a pencil.

Tap on your creative instinct by going back to basic – pencil and paper. By scribbling or drawing with your hands, you can stimulate your brain’s instinctive creativity.

As early as our toddler years, we’ve been trained to write and draw on blank paper and this instinct remains in our subconscious mind. You can get this subconscious mind work for your advantage when you’re facing creative block.

  1. Get some “me” time.

Usually, creative block is just a symptom of a larger issue – burnout. If you’ve been working on too many projects, you should get some free time for yourself.

I’ve found this technique very helpful when I had mental block while working on the electronic drum set website I was mentioning a while ago. I took a “me” day and went to see a movie, eat at my favorite resto and did shopping too. It must have re-energized me and stopped me from spiraling to burnout.

  1. Work somewhere else.

If it’s possible to take your projects with you in some other places, it would be much better. Perhaps, bring your laptop at the park or sketch on the train or may at the beach.

If this isn’t possible, you can relocate your office or rearrange your workspace or add new details around you, or (if you have time) re-paint your office with some bright colors. Sometimes changing your environment is enough to give you a clearer brighter mind.

So, there you have it – my simple tips for managing creative block. How about you? How do you fight this recurrent problem?