How Using Watercolor Style Can Refresh Your Website

Watercolor trend is a nice addition to your web design. I just realized it when I joined a local paintball tourney. After the game, I was surprised at the fascinating patterns that were randomly created in the best paintball mask that I was wearing. The colors and designs varied. It’s a nice inspiration that I can use for my digital art and web designs.

Paint and watercolor splatters are a popular design style because they are easy to use, fun and work with a range of different types of content.

Watercolor option can be used in several ways to highlight your content. If you are planning to give your website design a reboot, you might want to consider watercolor look. Here are different watercolor styles that you can employ.

Bright and light

Watercolor is easy to manipulate. You can dictate how dark or light the elements are. To create a bright and light style, you can use thin layer of watercolor. This style gives an open airy feel on the website. You can also brighten up the website by adding a few strokes. The slight hints of watercolor around the tabs or icons catch your viewer’s attention immediately. Use the design style throughout the website for consistency.


Paint and watercolor styles often have a whimsical character. The brush strokes are done in a whimsical way and can be used to dictate how the overall look feels. The style can be couple with brushstroke animation or subtle effects. You can use darker, livelier colors to create something that is a little unexpected.


A common way to employ watercolor style is by giving it a painting look. Although this web design style may not fit well with every type of content and website, it can be a great alternative and an inspiration. Using watercolor to create a painting-like webpage gives the site a unique look. The website appears like it was created manual and definitely looks attractive. This watercolor effect would be a great pick for an art portfolio site. It’s fresh, fun and very artistic.

Use with Fun Fonts

The best way to highlight the subtle nature of watercolor is to pair it with unusual or fun typefaces. When using lighter patterns and colors, pick lighter, thinner fonts to compliment the airy look. For darker and more saturated options, you can use fonts with thick bold strokes. San serif typeface also stands out when paired with watercolor style.

There are many more ways you can use watercolor style in your website. You can:

  • create a pattern,
  • use it as background,
  • create a logo with watercolor elements, and
  • add watercolor element as the dominant image.

It’s amazing how I found inspiration from the paint-splatters of the paintball mask I wore on that paintball event. Don’t have ideas what I’m talking about? Go check out

There are a lot of creative things you can do out of these random splatters of paint. Lastly, the one great thing about watercolor and paint trend is that it pushes you think and be more creative!