Insanely Simple But Effective Design Tips For Health and Fitness Websites

With the ever-growing fitness industry, your business must keep up with the competition to stay on top of the game. By using proper digital marketing techniques, you can harness the power and influence of the digital space.

One of the most critical elements in today’s market is your digital presence. Your logo, website, social media presence, and everything else related to it must be eye-catching and up-to-date.

I’ve recently seen a fitness club that promotes the use of trampolines for weight-loss. They have different trampoline models that clients can use in the gym. Most of these models you can’t see in regular trampoline review sites like They have a creative business idea that is coupled with an equally fantastic online presence. This trampoline website is just one example of how fitness businesses can make money by being ultra-attractive online.

Although you can delegate the design work to those who specialize in this field, it wouldn’t hurt to know a thing or two about the trends in the design world for businesses like yours. Being aware of these will surely help you greatly.

So, what are the latest trends in fitness graphic design?

  1. Thickness

Browse the internet for fitness websites and you’ll likely see solid shapes, thick lines and thick texts. These have become the more popular trends for fitness business. The bold and thick design style embodies strength – that’s what fitness is about!

Thin lines or texts are used as compliment and accents to the overall design. However, for fitness websites specializing on women, thinner lines may be more suited.


  1. Color

Color themes for fitness websites vary greatly, depending on the specific type of business and the audience it caters to. A more modern approach would have white, grey and black as centerpiece colors. While fitness businesses appealing to hipsters would usually go for muted warm colors and earthy tones. When picking color themes, it would help to read about the meaning of colors to see if it fits your branding. There’s a lot of helpful color guides online that would make things a lot easier.

  1. Sans-serif Text

Simple, sans-serif texts are perfect for most fitness businesses. Sans serif characters are usually seen as modern and clean, and look fantastic when used on graphic designs. In case “San Serif” doesn’t jibe with the overall design theme, other alternatives include block type fonts or slab serif. The text must still emphasize on strength. As much as possible, avoid serifed or scripts type, unless there is a clear need to use these font designs.

  1. Images

Photo-driven fitness websites look attractive to readers. These images are very powerful and can motivate readers to act. This is why majority of fitness websites are heavy on images. It’s actually part of the entire marketing model. I would suggest putting up professional, high-res photos of the interior of the fitness gym, as well as you muscled clients. It’s better than the royalty free images that some might be tempted to grab online.

Use the latest design trends for your fitness business digital presence and you’ll surely jump for joy while wearing one of the kangaroo boots found here