My Favorite Graphic Design Computer Programs

When most people think about graphic design programs they think about Photoshop right away. There’s a reason for that; Photoshop IS one of the most popular design programs that you can get for the money. However, Photoshop isn’t the only tool, or even the best one that is available to graphic designers today. Here are a few of my favorite graphic design programs! You should be able to pick them up easily and use them right away for your graphic design applications. Here go go! My favorite graphic design programs.

Adobe Illustrator

Coming from the same company that made Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator is another program that graphic designers can use, often with much different results. Illustrator is a program that lets you use an interface with your computer or tablet to draw things onto a small pad that rests beside your computer. Illustrator is perfect for graphic designers that are great at freehand art (and believe me there are many who are terrible at it!) and allows great artists to put their own personality directly into their work.

CoreIDRAW Graphics Suite

This graphics program also allows people to upload their own personal drawings. You can either use an external pad to draw what you want to draw, or you can use it like Photoshop and adapt drawings that you already have. CoreIDRAW has a very flexible set of tools that many graphic designers love; it is more broad than Adobe Photoshop. Once again, this allows you to use your own artistic talent to create art and draw what you see fit.

Xara Designer Pro

This graphic design program is like Mac vs. Windows: some people love it, and others are diehard Photoshop fans. Xara Designer is similar in cost and function to Photoshop, but it has a very different layout and design. It is also much faster, especially because it is made for computers that have massive processing abilities. The cool thing about Xara Designer Pro is that it has support for 3D printers… People have been able to print things like dog toys that look just like the ones from  Xara Designer Pro offers a lot of modern features that photoshop really doesn’t have… But it’s mostly a matter of personal preference.

Cinema 4D

This program is designed to make 3D models of anything, and you can use a 3D printer to turn the designs into real life! Cinema 4D is hard for most graphic artists to learn, because learning to design something that is ready to print can often cause some serious head-scratching from artists trying to figure out how that works. However, I can personally say that this is my preferred 3D design software. It’s easy to use, and it’s a great introduction to 3D printed models. If you want to create dog toys, human toys, or anything else, Cinema 4D is probably your answer!