What You Ought to Know About Logo Designing

Probably one of the most challenging projects a graphic artist or designer would do is logo design.

Yes, logos may seem small and trivial but their importance can never be overstated. Making the best logo that would give the lasting identity of the company or organization requires every bit of your creativity.

Logo design is more than just coming up with something that looks good; there are a lot of things to consider and do in order for a logo to make sense, attract its intended audience, and stand out.

As a designer, I’ve done quite a number of logo design projects and have made a lot of mistakes. Avoid doing the same mistakes with these quick pointers.

  1. Logos doesn’t necessarily need to show what the business does.

Mercedes, Ferrari, BMW…does any of these large automakers have car as their logos? Apple, Windows, Linux…are there any computers? If logos were to show the nature of the business, then a restaurant should show food or a bank, money. It doesn’t mean that your logo should be relevant with your service or business.

Think out of the box.

For example, a website reviewing high-quality alto saxophone can have silhouette of a sexy lady forming a bold letter “S” as logo instead of a predictable saxophone image.

  1. Logos aren’t always symbols

A wordmark can also work as a good logo. Not all businesses require symbol as logo. Most of the time the business name only needs some creative touch and voila you have an instant powerful logo.

  1. Start with pen and paper.

It’s very basic – start with pen and paper. You can see how much faster ideas can flow when you’re sketching on paper. After you’re done brainstorming with all possible logo design, only then should you work with your computer.

  1. Leave color for later.

Focus on the idea first before going into the other aspects of the logo design. Color scheme or gradient are best done at the end of the process. Remember that no amount of color rearranging can rescue a poorly crafted logo idea.

  1. Don’t hop on the bandwagon.

Trends may be hip now but maybe not tomorrow. When you’re talking about logos, you’re talking about the identity of the business and that’s something that should endure for a long time. Never just settle with what’s trending right now. Stand out.

  1. Talk with your client.

One of my colleagues had a design project for a music instrument related website. What would be the best logo for a saxophone review site like Windplays.com? A saxophone silhouette? Maybe musical note? Or the word sax? These are some great logo design ideas but does your client want it?

Sometimes clients have outlandish requests that you totally disagree with. Other times, they may not like your design ideas even if they seem the well thought of. As always, it is best to talk with your client and discuss the project to know what their vision is for their business.

Clients are also in the better position to give you suggestions on logo ideas that is appropriate to the nature and culture of the business. It is best to collaborate with them to come up with the best logo.

Last and most importantly, the logo should be simple enough but powerful for easy recognition. Take inspiration from the logos of some large companies like Samsung, Apple, McDonalds, etc.